Here are some helpful tips when getting ready to move

Notify the Post Office of change of address. You can also have your mail temporarily redirected until you change your address on all of your accounts.

- Notify all utilities when to discontinue service.

- Make arrangements in advance for all services at your new home so that all utilities are turned on for you on the day you are moving in.

- Carry with you all currency, jewellery and valuable papers.

- Notify school authorities so they may forward your children's school records to the new school if necessary.

- Arrange to transfer your bank account to your new location.

- Notify the Ministry of Transportation of you address change.

- This is a good time to get rid of all household articles you no longer require.

- If moving into a new subdivision, make sure your new home is accessible by the moving truck.

- Keep a copy of your existing telephone book and obtain a copy of the relevant telephone book in the area you are moving to.

- Leave your current telephone connected until loading is complete in order to allow any required last minute phone calls.

- Take appropriate precautions with temperature sensitive articles.  Ship them separately if necessary.

- Try to move when others are not.  The beginning and end of each month is typically the busiest and most expensive time to move.

- Notify your dentist and doctor of your move.

- Discard flammables: matches, lighter fluid etc.  Also, propane tanks, gas cans, turpentine etc. will not be moved by your moving company.

- Pack pillows and towels in dresser drawers.

- Do not leave refrigerator or stove trays loose during the move.

- Keep items such as luggage that are not to be included in the goods to be moved separate so they will not be moved in error.

- Power tools i.e. table saws, planers, lathes should be dismantled for safe transport.

- Defrost the refrigerator prior to the move.

- Label your boxes and furniture according to the rooms they will be placed in at your new home. 

- Organize loading to enable items you require first to be unloaded first.

- Pack a small toolbox for the move i.e. hammer, screwdrivers, drill flashlight as you will almost certainly need them.

- Take one last look around when you thing you have everything.  Check the attic, basement and garage.

Feel free to copy and paste this list into a word doc. that way you can check them off as you go!

**Remember, this is not intended to be a complete list.  Please make all arrangements specific to your exact requirements.**